Revolutionary Education & Acquired Certifications:


Opening of The Chakras
Reiki 1-3 Teacher

Theta Healing Advanced DNA

Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practices

Holistic Nutrition

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Feng Shui

Feng Shui Essentials

Self Development

Inner Engineering
Regression Therapy
Certified Life Coach


Duraid Abbas

Duraid Abbas

Software Engineer, Pierrfond, QC

Last year I had an unusual pain in my right shoulder that I didn’t know what caused it and which was painful only at times and only when I did certain movements. Generally..

Ban Alquzweny

Ban Alquzweny

Designer, Montreal, QC

On 20th of March 2017 I slipped on the ice and injured my right knee. It turned out that I had a broken piece of bone detached with the back ligament of my knee..

Ranya Saad

Ranya Saad

Artist; Print-maker, Montreal, QC

I did not feel hesitant working with Najwa; however, I was not aware of the process of the session and what I should be expecting. My first session with Najwa was...

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